Bonnie Casey is a native of Chicago.  From her earliest years, she evidenced an exceptional ability in drawing and painting, and soon won a student scholarship to the Art Institute of Chicago.  She later took a summer class at the American Academy of Art to learn to interpret scenery.


Upon completion of her studies, she did free-lance commercial illustrating, commissioned fine art, and portrait painting. Bonnie then studied privately with prominent contemporary western painter, Joe Abbrescia, who had a significant influence in her development as an artist. It was in the Village Art School, founded by Mr. Abbrescia, that she began a very successful career teaching drawing and Oil painting. After fifteen years of teaching, Bonnie decided to devote more time to her personal art work. She left the school to paint full time.


Bonnie traveled to Europe to study the works of the Masters. During this time, she did drawings and painting in all the major cities and many small villages in France and Italy. She also participated in workshops in Florence, Italy.


Today, she is an accomplished painter and enthusiast of the American Southwest landscape. Her style is fluid and rhythmical and her subjects varied.


Her biography is written up in "Who's Who in America, in American Women, and in the World".


Her work is included in "Finding Your Visual Voice", a wonderful book by Dakota Mitchell, and can also be found in Private and Corporate collections in the United States and overseas.